Mastering Social Media CX: The Step-by-Step Blueprint for Customer Experience Professionals

Transform Your Social Media Strategy and Amplify Customer Acquisition with Our Proven, Step-by-Step Blueprint

This online course is perfect for customer experience professionals looking to take their program to the next level, providing expert guidance for beefing up your social CX strategy, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty (and even revenue).

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Unlock the Secrets of Exceptional Social Media Customer Experiences · with Brooke B. Sellas

Our Mastering Social Media CX: The Step-by-Step Blueprint delivers meticulously designed learning modules, each packed with practical tools, actionable insights, and proven strategies to supercharge your customer engagement.

Become the social media CX champion your brand needs, delivering superior service that resonates with your audience and fosters lasting brand loyalty.

BONUS: All enrollees will immediately gain access to our interactive community!

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Mastering Social Media CX: The Step-by-Step Blueprint.

Here’s how we’ll build your super duper totally awesome sauce social media customer care program in just a few days.

Learn the how & why.

In the Mastering Social Media CX: The Step-by-Step Blueprint for Customer Experience course, you’ll learn not only why social media CX is critical for your business but the how as well.

Social media CX for customer retention & acquisition.

For 15+ years, I’ve helped brands big and small build thriving social media customer service (or “social media CX”) programs. And in building these programs, I’ve learned a few things about social media CX and how it’s not just about retention – it also plays a huge part in the acquisition of new customers.

But! You can’t get to acquisition if you’re barely measuring retention on your social channels. For social media and CX professionals, it means showing the value in these types of activities. Until you can “show them the money,” stakeholders will constantly view social media as a want to have, not a need to have. You will consistently be under scrutiny for the value social media marketing brings to the table.

This is the rub that led me to write my book Conversations That Connect and the related Care Squared Training Program. Those two things led me to develop the Mastering Social Media CX: The Step-by-Step Blueprint for Customer Experience course.

The outcome?

When you’re able to quantify that you’re not only retaining customers through your social media channels, but also grabbing new business from them, the value-add of social stops being questioned. However, creating a program that not only delivers on social CX but sets you up to quantify and prove that your acquisition and retention measures are successful is hard to create (trust me, it took us years to perfect before bringing it to market!).

This course will help you duplicate our processes.

Our processes have flourished each time we’ve applied them to a client’s social program. By taking The Step-by-Step Blueprint for Customer Experience course, you’ll get our same step-by-step process we use with clients to create a thriving, built-to-last social CX program; only it will be specific to your brand.

Who should take this course?

If you’ve felt any of the following, this course is for you…

  • You can’t keep up with your social mentions, let alone mentions of your brand when you aren’t be tagged.
  • You don’t know how to get to the next level with social media marketing.
  • You’re frustrated and overwhelmed with where you are in your digital CX journey because you know you have potential.
  • You know what has your social customer experience (CX) teams gridlocked but you don’t know how to fix it. Or maybe this team doesn’t even exist within your organization.
  • You’re struggling to implement a social media program that shows real value to your stakeholders.

Who this course isn’t for.

The Step-by-Step Blueprint for Customer Experience course is likely not for you if…

  • You’ve already assessed your brand’s digital experience and analyzed the conversations customers are having with your brand on social media.
  • You’re a brand with a social media team that has already operationalized your social media customer service program.
  • Your social care program is already thriving (aka showing a return on investment).
  • Your teams (social media, marketing, customer support, etc.) aren’t operating in silos and actively work together on your social media customer service program.

What’s included with the Mastering Social Media CX: The Step-by-Step Blueprint course?

For only $749, all students will receive…

  • 10 modules with 56 lessons (valued at $15,000 for the in-person training)
    • 9 conversation starters
    • 4 case studies
    • 2 inventory assessments
    • 1 quiz
  • Digital (Kindle) copy of Conversations That Connect ($11.99 value)
  • Interactive digital workbook ($999 value)
  • Access to our private Social Care & CX Community ($120 value)
  • Free Gift: Social Listening Workbook ($99 value)
course paid sidebar 749

What to expect.

While I love each and every one of my clients’ experiences, I believe a wider audience should have access to the valuable information offered in this course. The Step-by-Step Blueprint for Customer Experience course makes this customer-focused strategy available outside of my personal clients or network.

This program has supported well-known brands since 2018 – and now it’s available for you to directly learn and implement!

By the end of our time together you will:

  • Have your own workbook full of ideas that are ready to implement.
  • Have a detailed digital customer journey.
  • Have a documented social care program.
  • Know what’s working with your organic social media content.
  • Know what’s not working with your organic social media.
  • Know how to fix what’s not working with your organic social media content, CX, and more.
  • Have access to a partner who can offer continued support.
  • AND the ability to see how organic social media can lead to additional revenue!

It’s time to decide.

Will you choose the path that leads to finally seeing results from your organic social media? If you’re a ‘yes’, click the button below to sign up for this course.

About Your Instructor

Howdy! I’m Brooke B. Sellas and the Founder of the “Conversation Company” — better known as B Squared Media. I’ve been in the social media space since 2010 (🧓🏻), so if you’re looking for someone with the most social media CX experience, look no further.

Brooke Sellas

Brooke Sellas’ Work Has Been Featured & Seen In

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Since 2010, I’ve offered one-on-one consulting or group trainings on social CX, achieving lofty goals for organizations that include…

  • Working with brands to stand up a meaningful social media presence.
  • Building a social media customer service program that gets results for million and billion-dollar brands.
  • Working with marketing, social media, sales, product development, customer/member experience, customer support, and the C-suite to develop lucrative social media support systems.
  • Reviewing thousands of social media conversations and large, digital customer support programs (and giving countless hours of personal feedback).

But more importantly, through my time on stage and podcasting, I’ve taught thousands of people just like you how to connect, converse, and convert with social media CX.

I’m intimately familiar with what works and what doesn’t because I’ve been there. Because I’m a practitioner. I’ve been ‘boots on the ground’ with clients putting our processes to the test, not just acting as a consultant from the side.

And now I really want to do that for you.

Ready to invest in your social CX?

Are you ready? Transform your career and master the digital landscape with our course, ‘Mastering Social Media CX: Step-by-Step Blueprint.’

This game-changing program is specifically tailored for marketing and CX professionals. With a launch special of just $995, gain industry-leading knowledge, refine your strategies, and learn to create powerful customer experiences.

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your skills, distinguish yourself from the competition, and engage your audience like never before. Secure your spot today!

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Want more? If you want direct help from me (Brooke Sellas) as you go through the course, I’ll work directly with you after each chapter (10 in total) with a one-hour virtual session for an additional $3,500. Ask me questions; get advice; have me brainstorm along with you for the ‘Conversation Starters’ … the sky’s the limit!

That’s ten (10) whole hours directly with me to ensure you receive the absolute MOST out of this opportunity. But … I’m only offering this to two brands per calendar year. This would be comparable to booking my in-person training ($15,000) but for a fraction of the cost.

Email me to be considered for this bonus, or to get on the waiting list for next year.