Creating Conversational Content That Connects: A 7-Lesson Mini Course for Social Media Professionals

Unlock the Power of Words: Master the Art of Creating Magnetic Social Media Conversational Content in Just 7 Days – for Free!

This FREE online course is designed to provide you with actionable insights, strategies, and techniques to create conversational content that connects with your social media audiences. Take one lesson a day and finish in a week, or knock it out all at once!

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Craft compelling social media content the smart way · with Brooke B. Sellas

Tired of your content falling flat on social media? Need more engagement? Want to have more FUN with your social media audiences?!

The free Creating Conversational Content That Connects mini course is designed to provide you with actionable insights, strategies, and techniques to create conversational content that connects with your audience on social media.

AND, it uses actual social psychology and real-world examples to show you how it’s done.

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Creating Conversational Content That Connects

People aren’t starved for content; they’re starved for connection.

In our FREE Creating Conversational Content That Connects course, I’ll show exactly why your content is falling flat on social media, AND how to fix it in near real-time.

I’m going to introduce you to social psychology that’s a game changer when it comes to conquering conversations that connect on social media. And here’s the “big” secret to why this method works: Social media algorithms rely on social signals such as comments and brand conversation to indicate whether your brand is ‘worthy’ of its audience.

But most brands aren’t putting any stock into truly connecting with their social audiences. They view connection as a follow, a subscribe, or a ‘like’ (hint: that’s not connection).

Which led me write my book Conversations That Connect, and then develop the free Creating Conversational Content That Connects: A 7-Lesson Mini Course.

In the course, you’ll get our same process we use with clients to create content that garners engagement, sparks conversations, and sets you up to better build relationships with your current and would-be customers.

What to expect.

The outcome? When you’re able to understand the science behind the way we connect and build relationships (yes, even online with brands), you’ll have a much easier time creating content that connects with your audience.

However, creating content that is constantly successful is hard. And the algorithms are no help! Or are they …?

This course will help you see how conversational content is something that both your audience and social algorithms crave. Yes, REALLY! It’s no big secret … I’ll show you.

There are several examples and case studies in this course to help you not only visualize it in your mind but see it with your own eyes.

Who should take this course?

Everyone! It’s free, after all. But seriously, if you’ve felt any of the following, this course is for you…

  • Your engagement levels on social media continue to drop.
  • Some of your posts get zero engagement — NOTHING, NADA, ZILTCH (gasp!)
  • You feel like you get plenty of ‘likes’ on your social media content but it ends there (and what’s the value of a like, anyway?)
  • You’re constantly posting sales-y content or links to your company blog.
  • You’re struggling to implement a social media marketing program that shows real value to the C-Suite.

About Your Instructor

Howdy! I’m Brooke B. Sellas and the Founder of the “Conversation Company” — better known as B Squared Media. I’ve been in the social media space since 2010 (🧓🏻), so if you’re looking for someone with the most social media CX experience, look no further.

Brooke Sellas

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Since 2010, I’ve offered one-on-one consulting or group trainings on social CX, achieving lofty goals for organizations that include…

  • Working with brands to stand up a meaningful social media presence.
  • Building a social media customer service program that gets results for million and billion-dollar brands.
  • Working with marketing, social media, sales, product development, customer/member experience, customer support, and the C-suite to develop lucrative social media support systems.
  • Reviewing thousands of social media conversations and large, digital customer support programs (and giving countless hours of personal feedback).

But more importantly, through my time on stage and podcasting, I’ve taught thousands of people just like you how to connect, converse, and convert with social media CX.

I’m intimately familiar with what works and what doesn’t because I’ve been there. Because I’m a practitioner. I’ve been ‘boots on the ground’ with clients putting our processes to the test, not just acting as a consultant from the side.

And now I really want to do that for you.

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My absolute favorite number is 5. Don’t ask me why … I think it’s because I was number 5 on my grandma’s wall-mounted home phone. Remember those?! (If you’re Gen Z or beyond, just ignore this part.)

So, the first five (5) people to sign up and leave me an HONEST review for this course will get a FREE copy of my book, Conversations That Connect.

All you have to do is enroll, take and finish the course, and send your review to to see if you’re one of the first five. And if you are, provide me with your mailing address. *Friends and Family of Brooke Sellas or B Squared Media are not eligible.

But wait, there’s more! If you complete this free mini course, there are a few discounts and surprises waiting for you at the end.