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Top 3 Content Creation Hacks For Digital Ads 3

The landscape of digital media is forever evolving. That’s why we thought this was a great time to share our top 3 content creation hacks for digital ads.

Capturing your audience’s attention and converting them to customers is no easy feat, so you want to get it right from the get-go. Read on to see if you’re already employing these tactics, or if you need to implement them today.

1 – Capture Your Audience Immediately

You need to capture your audience right off the bat. We are an impatient society that wants things immediately. Grab our attention now, or don’t waste our time.

How do you capture the attention of your audience? Here are some ways:

Create content that evokes emotions. Love, laughter, nostalgia – these are great emotional boosters. The Harvard Business Review did an interesting study on which emotions marketers should activate to increase the chances of an ad going viral. You can read that here.

Capitalize on current trends. Stay relevant and seize the opportunity to employ topical trends.

Establish a clear CTA (call-to-action). What is your end goal? If you’re not sure how to write a commanding CTA, you can visit Hootsuite here for some examples.

Capture your message in a glance. Utilize lots of color and images that pop. Mailchimp runs through the basics, but you can also see in the Instagram ad below for Brevite how they hit every mark.


2 – Be Creative With Content

Content curators have been the brunt of some jokes in the past year. But the truth is, content creation for digital ads takes savvy.

Content should be short and sweet. As mentioned in the previous section, we are an impatient society. In other words, present your content efficiently.

Short copy with keywords that stand out will entice your audience. Steer clear of language that’s on the technical side. And as fun as it is to be clever, be sure you’re not confusing your audience. As much as I love sarcasm, it doesn’t always translate well in written form.

Always have a CTA in your ad. Call-to-action verbiage engages with your audience. Here are two examples: Click now for your free trial! Or Click now and save 20% off!

These CTAs are built-in benefits for your customer. Provide free calls for consultations, free ebooks, or free templates. Everyone loves free stuff and it will boost your traffic and engagement.

3 – Work It Out

Finally, you want to work out all your options before going live with your digital ads. Here are some ways to maximize the effectiveness of your ads:

Test your ad on a variety of formats and social media platforms. If you are using video content, be sure to have closed captions as many people will watch with the sound off on their phones.

Create multiple variations of copy, CTAs, and images. This is something you probably did before you presented your ideas to the client. Having these variations helps to keep content fresh, not repetitive. No one wants to see the same thing repeatedly. It also helps because different social media platforms = different types of audiences.

Responsive ads > text ads. Or, do a mixture of both! Responsive ads are now the default type for Google ads. They have been shown to outperform expanded text ads as seen in the chart below from Search Engine Land.


Data Is King. Hard numbers are a good key indicator of how your ads are performing and which are capturing the right conversation. If you can prove which ad concepts are the best, this will help define and establish the ideal direction for your campaign.

Streamline how the user gets to the end goal. Did you make it simple? (Example: If the end goal of the CTA is a free download, have you made that easy to obtain?). This leads us to…

Test the landing page. Don’t just send the user to the website. Instead, create a landing page (this can be the main page for the free download, or a welcome page relevant to the intent of the original ad). This article lists 6 examples of great landing pages. You can also read WordStream’s tips for effective landing pages as well.

Wrapping Up

You can have a great ad, but it can only get you so far. You need to ensure where the ad is taking its users and that the copy has clear and concise direction. We hope our top 3 content creation hacks for digital media ads have helped pave a clear path towards success.

Visit our blog to read more on successful ad campaigns. And learn more about B Squared Media’s done-for-you paid media management here.

What is your top content creation hack for digital media? Let us know in the comments below!

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