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Deliver highly effective customer support experiences, elevate your brand, and encourage customer loyalty.

Today’s consumers expect it all: a rewarding experience at every digital touchpoint; a lightning-fast response when asking pre-purchase and post-purchase questions on social; personalization and a sense of belonging. Add to that a pandemic that forced even the most hesitant users online to make purchases (and complaints) and it’s mandatory that brands get on board with digital transformation. And, from experience, they’re all asking: “Where do we start?”

Our Care Squared Training Program answers that question – and then some! – with a one-day onsite training intensive focused on setting up your teams for social-led support (and success!). We’ll take you through both the practical and tactical ways in which the most innovative brands are using social-led customer care initiatives.

Work With Our CEO

When you choose B Squared Media, you’ll work directly with our CEO Brooke Sellas who will teach your team how we operationalize customer care for global, billion-dollar brands (but even the smallest companies use our playbook).

We’ll look at five critical customer-centric factors that drive connection, conversations, and conversions through social media channels (and show you exactly why your social media strategy is so stale).

Accept that social is skyrocketing.

Lean into the power of social media – the trend toward online shopping, and relying on social media to make shopping decisions, has surged since the pandemic. That is not going to change.


Know your digital customers’ journey.

Figure out the digital customer journey (DCJ) for your brand. Identifying where you have the most or the best conversations with your audiences and community will tell you where to spend most of your time.


Listen, learn, and take the lead.

Listening to the customer cannot be overstated. The brand winners are paying attention to customer needs, analyzing those insights, and adapting accordingly. Get really good at social listening – not just social monitoring – this will be critical to understanding the Voice of the Customer (VoC).


Understanding negative customer feedback is a superpower.

Positive mentions and glowing reviews are great and all, but the real space for change lies in the negative. Customer data, including social media intelligence, is a strategic advantage for all brands. Developing stronger relationships through improved customer experiences will prove to be one of the most effective ways to accelerate growth and revenue.


Build conversations that connect.

Use the social penetration theory to help you with your content; go deeper. You should be less focused on the platform. If you have great conversations, you will build relationships, improve the DCJ, and deliver a stellar CX – which is the way to create brand loyalty.

Effectively, to compete in 2022 and beyond, you must know your customers inside and out. You also must meet them where they are. And increasingly, they’re asking questions and filing complaints through social media.

A simple hello can lead to a million things.