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Receive a custom-tailored talk or training for your specific needs and budget, courtesy of our Founder & CEO, Brooke Sellas.

About Brooke

Brooke B. Sellas, our Founder & CEO, has been delivering digital experiences for Fortune 500 and middle-market brands since 2012. She speaks regularly on topics like:

  • Social Media Processes & Best Practices
  • Scaling Your Social Media Agency
  • Customer Care Through Social Media
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) + Marketing
    • Social Listening
    • Chatbots
    • Advertising AI

Brooke also taught as an adjunct at Baruch College in NYC for two years, lecturing on consumer behavior and customization & personalization of the offer. She is often brought in to teach as a guest lecturer for universities.

Additionally, you can listen to Brooke speak with Co-host Mark Schaefer every other week on The Marketing Companion podcast.

What To Expect

As a speaker, Brooke calls on her vast and varied experience in several industries — non-for-profit, real estate, sales, and marketing — and uses storytelling along with practical and tactical advice to help marketers and businesses owners think conversation, not campaign with their social strategies.


Upcoming Speaking Events

Past Speaking Events

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Check out Brooke in action, speaking at Content Jam in October 2019. Her session was entitled, “Using Social Listening To Inform Your Content Marketing Strategy.”

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Brooke brings energy, smarts, and broad experience to the presentation room! Our group appreciated Brooke's down-to-earth style as she explained new and moderately complex topics. Great organization and helpful visuals. She kept us laughing as we learned how to keep up with the latest marketing trends. I'd recommend Brooke to anyone who wants to sharpen their marketing and customer service skills.

Rob Marchalonis

CEO of LSP123

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Brooke has woven tales of bravery, adventure, and thinking-conversation-in-social-strategies at:

A simple hello can lead to a million things.