Done-For-You Chatbot Build & Management

Our done-for-you chatbot services allow us to create intelligent AI for specialized messaging on Facebook & Twitter.

B Squared Media - Chatbot Build & Management

If AI seems scary to you, leave it to us. We’ll eliminate the need for chatbot know-how and help you build Customer Care, Lead Generation, Shopping, and/or Content Discovery chatbots for your business. Or, we can customize a chatbot based on your specific needs. Not only will we build your custom chatbot, our chatbot services mean we’ll manage it monthly to ensure you’re getting the right responses.

Super Smart Humans + Intelligent AI = Awesome Sauce Customer Care

Use our done-for-you chatbot services to:

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Our chatbot services help address frequently asked questions, which are a great way to reduce team fatigue, reduce human capital, and answer FAQs instantaneously.

Give Your 1:1 Engagement Lift-off

Think conversation with your community by giving them a place to find information in an organized way.

Uncover New Business Opportunities

Our chatbot services ensure you’re using the data captured from your bot to find new and innovative ways to help your current and potential customers.

Increase Customer Service Satisfaction

Bots are available 24/7… is your team?

Save You Time

Let the bots do the heavy lifting while you focus on other, revenue boosting, activities.

To learn more about our done-for-you chatbot building and management services, book a free consultation with our Founder & CEO, Brooke B. Sellas.

A simple hello can lead to a million things.