RSP Recap: The Marketing Fairy Tale Is Doomed

Though we had two separate episodes, with three different guests, the message about marketing was the same:

The marketing fairy tale as we know it is DOOMED!

I’m sure the savvy listeners of Ready, Set, Podcast already sensed a change was brewing with marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing.

Not to worry!

There’s hope. And these RSP episodes the lay groundwork for that silver lining.

EVOLVE Marketing

Ep. 15: Marketing As We Know It … Doomed? Dead?

In the marketing fairy tale we all know, the Hero’s (or Heroine’s) story has changed.

Who’s the hero? Your buyer, of course!

And if we look at the buyer’s journey, it has vastly changed as Daniel points out in his article on the subject for Forbes:

  • 70-90% of the buyers journey is complete prior to engaging a vendor (Forrester)
  • Consumer engages with 11.4 pieces of content prior to making a purchase (Forrester)
  • Consumers are 5x more dependent on content than they were 5 years ago (Nielsen)

Understanding that, our buyers need not a salesman to convert them, but CONTENT.

They’re eager for ways to learn about products and services … so sales has shifted from the medium and the data to relationships and conversations.

(You know how we feel about embodying a #ThinkConversation mentality!)

Marketers now need to focus on educating themselves on the shifts and trends that are happening with content, and that lead to the new buyer’s journey.

Referencing Daniel’s Forbes article once again, we come to understand that there are three types of content:

  1. Expert Content (3rd-Party Content — defined as credible)
  2. Brand Content (from the brand or brand employees)
  3. User-Generated Content (Reviews, etc.)

And of that content, expert content has the biggest impact (88% greater impact than brand content and 50% better than user generated reviews).

You’ll have to read the Forbes article for more, and I also encourage you to buy Daniel and Hessie’s new book, Evolve: Marketing (^as we know it) is Doomed.


You can also listen to other factors Hessie and Daniel share about why marketing (as we know it) is doomed on Ready, Set, Podcast.


Ep. 16: Brent Carnduff And The Content Marketing Fairy Tale

Continuing with content, marketers may be doomed if they drop SEO if favor of only content marketing.

It seems many marketers got their messaging mixed with the Google Hummingbird update and thought SEO was DOOMED!

Instead, Brent says we should look at SEO as the missile, while authority (which can come from content marketing) gives your missile lift and boost.

Here are Brent’s golden nuggets when it comes to what still matters with SEO:

Brent also pointed out a few tools of the trade that will help with SEO:

So while content marketing and conversation is taking center stage, SEO is NOT doomed.

Neither is marketing if you’re adapting with the fast-paced changes.

Listen other content marketing and SEO tips from Brent on Ready, Set, Podcast.

So my question to you is, is marketing really DOOMED? Or is it the traditional marketers who have their feet planted firmly in the past? Can all/any marketers keep up with this new marketing world? Or will these changes pave the way for smarter, more adaptable professionals to take over?

Let me know in the comments section below!


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Brooke B. Sellas is the in-the-trenches Founder & CEO of @HelloBSquared, an award-winning social media, advertising, and customer care agency. She's also the Co-host of The Marketing Companion podcast with Mark Schaefer, where they discuss jaw-dropping marketing trends. Brooke's marketing mantra is “Think Conversation, Not Campaign” so be sure to give her a shout!
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