RSP Recap: A Completely Different Take On Blogging And Business

This week’s Ready, Set, Podcast recap brings in two heavy hitters who have a different take on blogging and business.

We all have our own opinions and experiences with what works and what doesn’t, but why not listen to to people who’ve already walked the walk (not just talked the talk)?

Sarah and Mike really bring some out-of-the-box insights for us on both business and blogging, so if you’re ready for a different perspective, let’s dive in!


Ep. 19 Sarah Arrow Says Stop Belittling Blogging!

Go Google “blogging is dead.”

See all of those articles about how blogging, or old school blogging, or guest blogging is dead?

Sarah Arrow says STFU.

And she backs it up with a blogging business that’s earned her well into 7-figures.

She has two major pieces of advice when it comes to blogging success:

  1. Blogging is really about the connections you have
  2. Consistency is fundamental to scaling that success

It’s all too easy to bungle those two golden rules, and then be extremely frustrated with your blogging efforts.

Because we all know it totally SUCKS to write epic shiz and then have it sit there like a wart on a frog, on a bump on a log, and a long forgotten about swap in the middle of nowhere.

Some tips on a better blogging community:

  1. Describe your community. Define them. Create a sentence that’s specific to them. Use psychographics (opinions, beliefs, feelings, attitudes) to understand what they need and what they value.
  2. Ask how you can address those needs and values as they relate to the specific sentence that describes your core audience. Make a list. Check it twice. Then pick the topics you’re most passionate or articulate about and GET STARTED.

Which brings us to the 2nd golden rule of blogging: Consistency.

Of course there’s content shock, and noise, and creating more content is not going to get your blog to the 7-figure status that Sarah has achieved.

But if you really, truly, honestly stick to the number 1 rule, and nail down your niche, producing good content should help you get on the right path.

I’d truthfully add a #3 and say content distribution is the third golden rule … but we’ve already got the down low on that.

Sarah blogs as many as 4 times a week to two times a week for some of her blogs.

I know it sounds daunting to post that much, but again, if you can stick to #1 and #2 (and #3!), your little fingers should itch to please/write/type!

Check out Sarah’s other blogging tips (and favorite tools for blogging) over on her Ready, Set, Podcast episode.


Ep. 20 Mike Sansone Says Trust Your Gut And Speak Your Mind!

Mike is one cool dude.

With a title like ‘Conversation Conductor’ at his company, Conversations, you know I was flying my #ThinkConversation flag high in the sky.

What’s interesting is that Mike takes conversation and speaking your mind to a drilled-down approach.

His process and procedure looks something like this:

  • Blogs are really a conversation station (I freaking LOVE that!)
  • It’s all about the L.I.F.T.
    • L = Learn. Which you can use on your blog as how-tos, cool tools, or tutorials.
    • I = Improve. Those things we need to measure, like connections and trends.
    • F = Flow. How do we improve productivity, use hacks, and motivate?
    • T = Think. Thinking on your blog encompasses: Best practices, repurposing content, and lists.

How are you using L.I.F.T  to have more conversations and produce better content on your own blog?

If you can’t answer that, or need a little push, check out Mike’s LIFT Small Business Podcast.

And for more on trusting your gut, speaking your mind, dying empty (a cool thought, trust me), and a different take on blogging and business, listen to his RSP episode.

If you have your own different take on blogging and business, let me know in the comments section below OR reach out and ask to be a guest on Ready, Set, Podcast!


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